Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bridesmaid Flowers

For my bridesmaids (who will be wearing black dresses) I want yellow flowers.  I think it'll really pop against the black, and the stems will be wrapped in white fabric, which will make it stand out even more.  I'm thinking gerber daisies, or sunflowers, or even daffodils.  Here are some options!!
In season in January, but I think December is close enough!  They kind of look like daffodils and are very very yello!!

I think they're really cute (couldn't find an example of a yellow bouquet of them though).  The only thing is the bouquet looks kind of round.  But still pretty!

Love them, as long as they're open (when they're closed they look too much like easter sunday flowers).  I'd just want to make sure they were a brighter yellow than this!!

Gerber Daisies
Love these!!  The only problem is they're not in season for the winter, but we can deal with that :)  I think they're really pretty and they're always really bright!!

My absolute favorite flower in the world!!  Also special for Randy and I (when we met at work in high school eats and sweets used to have tons of huge sunflowers growing in the back!!).  Also not in season in the winter, and the yellow is off set by the brown so it won't pop as much on the dresses.

Yellow Cala Lillies
My favorite favorite favorite wedding flower.  This is what my bouquet will be made of (but they'll be black cala lillies instead) so it would be cool to all have the same flowers.  The only thing is they're not in season and can be really expensive.  But in a perfect world this would be it!!

Again not in season for December, but still gorgeous (similar to the first flowers on this post) but I think they might just be brighter and have a slightly different shape.  

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  1. Lovely flowers, and yellow is a great choice to go with black.
    I am a Certified Florist and Floral design Instructor so I have just a few notes for you...narcissus and daffodil are in fact the same flower, but very unlikely to be available that early. Yellow Callas are in season year-round so it should be no problem for a good florist to get them. Gerbera (commonly mis-spelled greber, even in books) are available year round with little price fluctuation so there should be no problem getting those either.
    Good Luck!