Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mason Jar Ideas

Hanging Mason Jars- I thought it would be a cool idea for lighting, but I'm not sure how I would decorate with them at a wedding.  BUT we could use yellow candles in them and maybe even put yellow jelly beads in some of them to stick with the yellow theme.

Another example of mason jar lanterns, this time a little prettier!

So cool, and again here we could fill them with yellow/black/white colors.  Maybe even use sand inside of them.

This is even cooler.  The mason jar has black chalkboard paint on it and the table number is written in chalk (we would use yellow chalk)

I also really like the idea of using different sizes of mason jars in order for the wedding party table.  They could be filled or painted or have flowers in them.

VERY cute drinks!  We could definitely do a different color (like pink) with a yellow ribbon, or even stick with the lemon idea and use lemonade

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